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There's a buzz about Bank Newton

I wrote a poem today that I'd love to share with you.


There's a buzz about Bank Newton

I can feel it in the air

Celebrities descending

Our fields they wanted to share


As they made a television programme

'Britain by Barge - Now and then', it's called

Travelling along the Leeds Liverpool Canal

Passing our farm with it's stone walls


They stopped off to see our sheep

And climb Banks Hill with Dad

Bill Oddie and Pete Waterman chatted

Conversations that made him glad


That he'd said 'Yes, do come to our farm

By all means bring your crew here

Which day are you coming, and at what time?

We'll be there to give you a cheer'


It brightened our day that the film crew stopped by

Gave us something new to talk about

And the sun shone, oh, it really shone

The story of the canal, we're ready to shout


For there's a buzz about Bank Newton

I can feel it in the air

Renewed purpose, a sense of identity

Our farm, we're ready to share


With guests staying in our cottages

From the UK and overseas

They're cosy and warm, so comfortable

In our cottages you will not freeze


Whether it's summer or winter, we're open throughout

So pay us a visit for a week

Or just a few days, we don't really mind

It's your visit here that we seek


Come and discover the gems that are here

The footpaths from the door

The incredible towpath of the Leeds Liverpool Canal

You'll be back and returning for more


Rest and relaxation, we hope you'll find

A clean cottage, Egyptian cotton sheets

In the fields outside you can sit and watch

Our flock of Texel Cross sheep


And newborn lambs as they arrive in the Spring

Skipping along in the fields

As you chat to one another in your lovely cottage

Preparing your own delicious meal


There's a buzz about Bank Newton

I can feel it in the air

Is it time to book your cottage here?

We have a place that we would love to share



The poem was written by Rachael Berry.

Rachael Berry

To find out more about the holiday cottages at Newton Grange Farm, Bank Newton, please visit our website www.newton-grange.co.uk.

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