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The perfect cup of tea

Who doesn't like a cup of tea?

There's something soothing about having your favourite brew in hand. And teas take on many forms these days. Traditional English Breakfast tea, Earl Grey tea (Caffeinated and Decaffeinated varieties of course - I'm definitely with the former..), as well as varieties of herbal teas. My favourites are Peppermint and I love a Lemon and Ginger tea too.

Why is tea drinking so symbolic?

Perhaps it's the ritual of brewing up, waiting for the tea to be just right and properly brewed. Clasping your hands around a hot mug of tea is soothing.

Whatever it is, one thing is for sure that afternoon tea is possibly my most favourite meal of the day - and special treat. Perhaps even enjoyed in our of Yorkshire's finest tea rooms.


Ideally tea would be leaf tea, complete with a strainer, and served in a beautiful tea pot with china cups and saucers. Perhaps it would be brewed just as Yorkshire Tea say. There would be little finger sandwiches with delicious fillings.

And of course fresh scones and homemade cakes.

Everything to make it mouthwateringly delicious, and to make you feel special.

So join with me and many others across the country today in pouring a nice cup of tea. 21st April isĀ National Tea Day after all, and there's even a website about it too.

Let's raise our cups and mugs on National tea Day and be thankful for our trusty cup of tea.