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Filming for Series 2 of All Creatures Great and Small

One of this year's highlights was being asked to host some filming for the second series of "All Creatures Great and Small". Having loved watching the first series last Autumn, we were thrilled to be a small part of the production jigsaw this year.

All Creatures Great and Small

Initially we were asked to host the film crew for a series of scenes in our fields and along the Leeds Liverpool Canal Bank. This progressed to some of our family being invited to be "Extras" in the scenes along the canal. It was a lot of fun, very memorable and suitably tiring. Certainly one for the memory bank.

Being a working sheep farm, and a place where veterinary students stay on lambing placements each Spring, as well as a destination for visitors to the Yorkshire Dales to stay, saying "Yes" to hosting a small part of this series felt just right for us.

The experience gave us a wonderful insight in to the tremendous team work, organisation and detailed planning that goes in to producing a television drama such as this.

Here are a few photographs of the scenes taken at Newton Grange Farm, and there are many others on our Facebook page too.

Leeds Liverpool Canal 2

Filming 1

All Creatures Great and Small Filming

All Creatures Great and Small at Newton GrangeWe are very much enjoying watching a relaxing hour of television on Thursday evenings (9pm on Channel 5 or catch-up on My5). It's the type of show that you can curl up with when it's dark outside, and immerse yourself in the 1930's era and the amusing stories of James Herriot's veterinary life. This article sums up last night's episode perfectly.

Of course, living in Yorkshire I am biased, but I really think that the Yorkshire Dales landscapes and scenery look sensational on screen. I recognise so many of the film locations - from the hillside that James Herriot runs down to a favourite Yorkshire village of mine - through to the walls and barns landscapes of Upper Wharfedale that I love to hike in. For me this is part of the joy of watching, as well as enjoying the wonderful characters, humour and unfolding storylines. To discover some of the film locations used in Series 1, this article is a brilliant read.

I hope you're enjoying the series too. I know we'll be eagerly watching each week in the coming weeks, and looking forward to the Christmas Special in December too.

Happy watching. We hope that we'll see you in Yorkshire soon.