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Bracken and Bramble

Val Preston shares her experience in aromatherapy.

Walking in the countryside is a great way to explore this gentle dale, abundant in wildlife and flowers, rewarding for nature lovers of all ages.

One of my favourite pastimes as a young child was many hours spent collecting and pressing wild meadow flowers.  Later as a teenager I developed my interest and studied rural science which broadened my knowledge. Alongside hill walking, I was in heaven.

It wasn’t until very much later in my late twenties I realised just how my interest would develop. After completing two years of hairdressing and a further two years of beauty therapy at college, I then went on to specialise in aromatherapy.

As a qualified aromatherapist I practice the thing I love most - beauty treatments using 100% pure aromatherapy oils derived from nature. Oil blends can also be used for healing purposes too.  So here are three of my favourite oils which always go on holiday with me.


Body moisturiser

Pure Coconut oil 10 – 15ml (base)

Lavender Essential oil 3 – 5 drops

This simple blend will take the tingle out of any situation, it's fantastic for desensitizing, especially sunburn or insect bites. Relaxes and aides a good nights sleep too. Apply liberally over affected area.  It is more effective after a cool shower or bath.

Tea Tree


Tea Tree Essential 3 – 5 drops

Add to bubble bath or teaspoon of milk, add to bath water.

The wonderful antiseptic qualities of Tea Tree are renowned world wide. In this instance, it is perfect to cleanse and heal every day bumps and scrapes gained from walking the fell. Bracken and brambles are notorious for these little injuries.


Foot soak for tired feet

Peppermint Essential oil 3 drops

Tea Tree Essential oil 1 drop

Soothing, cooling with antiseptic qualities, add peppermint to a tepid foot bath. It boosts circulation, refreshes tired feet, peppermint foot soak cools and aides the recovery of sore feet and blisters. You can also add one table spoon of salt - very beneficial with softening and healing qualities.

Less is more when blending essential oils.  Always use diluted.  Buy good quality 100% oils and follow the package instructions.

Val Preston

Val Preston